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eProfits Agency™ Offers Results Oriented Services To Launch, Grow, Scale And Sell eCommerce Brands
eProfits Agency™ is a Private eCommerce Accelerator & Incubator focused on launching, growing, scaling, and successfully selling 7 Figure eCommerce Brands.

What sets us apart from other agencies, coaching programs, masterminds and web development companies?  Just in the last 9 months we have generated over $2.6 Million with our own brands!

Work with experts who have already been where you want to go! Leverage our 10 years+ Digital Marketing and Online Business Development expertise and instantly apply our proven strategies to your eCommerce Brand.

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eProfits Agency™ Services
We Help Companies At 4 Different Stages In Their Evolution
  •  Launch A New Online Brand
  •  Grow An Existing Online Brand
  •  Scale A Winning Campaign
  •  Sell A Profitable Brand
Here Are Just Some Of The Ways We Can Help Your Brand
  •  Strategic Planning & Organization
  •  Shopify™ Store Launch & Development
  •  Facebook Ads™ Campaign Development
  •  Google Adwords™ Campaign Development
  •  Bing Ads™ Campaign Development
  •  Content Marketing & Search Engine Optimization
  •  Conversion Rate Optimization
  •  eCommerce Sales Funnels
eProfits Agency™ Packages
eProfits 7 Figure Brand Launch Package
  •  Brand Why, Vision, Mission & Core Values Clarification
  •  Brand Lean Canvas
  •  Brand Organizational Chart
  •  New Business Name Brainstorming or Rebranding
  •  Branding Analysis and Enhancement
  •  Operations Manual Structure
  •  Paid Traffic Blueprint
  •  Website and Funnel Blueprint
  •  Back-end & Monetization Blueprint
  •  Resource Rolodex
eProfits 7 Figure Conversion Package
  •  Current Website CRO Analysis
  •  Current Funnel CRO Analysis
  •  Avatar Identification
  •  Avatar Psychographic and Demographic Details
  •  Main Hooks & Angles
eProfits 7 Figure Traffic Package
  •  Current Traffic Strategy Review
  •  Facebook Ads™ Analysis, Audience Research, and Campaign Enhancement
  •  Google Adwords™ Analysis, Audience Research, and Campaign Enhancement
  •  Bing Ads™ Analysis, Audience Research, and Campaign Enhancement
  •  Social Media Organic Traffic Review
  •  Content Marketing Strategy
  •  Video Marketing Strategy
  •  Email Marketing Strategy
  •  Retargeting Strategy 
eProfits Agency™ 7 Figure Brand Launch Formula
1. Get clear on your why for launching your new business. This is the only thing that will keep you going when there are no sales, no customers, and specially little to no hope.

2. Establish a preliminary exit strategy for the company. This will help you guide the ship towards a specific destination and the best way to get there is to chart your course and stick to it.

3. Outline your Brand Strategy, Audience Segments, and Unique Value Propositions. This will help you identify and polarize with who you are as brand, who is your audience, and why should anyone care about your company.

4. Write out your company Mission, Vision, and Core Brand Values. This will help you and your team members to always be on the same page by always having a set of principles that simplify agile decision making.

5. Brainstorm and Finalize Your Company Name. This will help you pick the perfect brand name after going through the steps above and being totally clear on who you serve, how you serve them, and why you serve them.

6. Complete Lean Canvas (one page business model). This will help you get clear on the 9 critical areas of business. 

7. Complete Organizing Board to clarify main roles and responsibilities. This will help you identify who does what in the core 7 divisions, and 21 departments of your company.

8. Create a 90 day financial expenses and projections plan. This will enable you to know how much capital is going to be required and what sales goals to aim for monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

9. Setup Technology Stack (CRM, Google Apps, Project Management App, Slack). This will enable your company to communicate, collaborate, organize and execute your day to day tasks.

10. Complete a 90 day action plan of “who (person) will do what (task) by when (deadline) in what order (priority). This will let everyone know on the team who is supposed to do what, and who to go to ask for help when challenges and questions arise.

11. Get company branding finalized (logo, fonts, colors, imagery, brand story, company letterhead, business card, etc). This will get your company looking solid and make it memorable as your audience interacts with your brand across different different digital and print channels.

12. Use to acquire all social media profile URLs for your business. This will enable you to control your social media presence and guide the online social narrative in alignment with your brand values.

13. Launch your website, online store, or sales funnel. This will give you a place to send your prospects and systematically convert them into paying customers who happily return for more and more.

14. Build Your Customer Attraction System. A. Lead Generation System -> B. Lead Nurture System -> C. Lead Conversion System. This will clearly lay out where you find your customers, how you take them from cold to warm to hot, and how do you get them to give you money.

15. Build Your Customer Fulfillment System. A. Team Training System -> B. Client Fulfillment System -> C. Daily Report & Tracking System. This will train your team on how to get customers, wow them, and keep them coming back for more using systems, processes and data.

16. Build Your Time Freedom System. A. Daily Check-ins, Weekly Meetings & Monthly Planning Sessions -> B. Brand and Business Development -> C. Enabling Your Team and Enhancing Your Systems. This will allow you to keep an eye on the business, guiding it strategically according to your current plan, and helping it to run completely by itself without constant input and action from you.

17. Plan the exit.  Lastly, Keep working with your CEO and key team members to keep growing and advancing your brand strategy while fully enjoying your freedom and success. 

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At eProfits Agency™ we specialize in Online Direct Response Marketing.  While we believe that content marketing and Search Engine Optimization and very powerful marketing strategies, nothing beats Pay Per Click.

Once your landing pages and eCommerce Store are properly setup and optimized, Pay Per Click can send eager prospects and buyers at record speed.  It's literally like turning on the faucet and getting water instantly!

We have 10+ years of combined experience in Google Adwords®, Facebook® and Instagram® Ads and Bing Ads® where we have generated over $7 Million in sales and revenue!
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