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eProfits Agency™ is a Private eCommerce Accelerator & Incubator focused on launching, growing, scaling, and successfully selling 7 Figure eCommerce Brands.

What sets us apart from other agencies, coaching programs, masterminds and web development companies?  Just in the last 9 months we have generated over $2.6 Million with our own brands!

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Fabian Cordoba, Imran Rahman, and Samuel Xiveiro (from Left to Right)
"If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results."
Anthony Robbins
Meet The Founding Partners
Imran Rahman has been methodically guiding many of the most recognized Information & Internet Marketing gurus to get more leads, generate more revenue & profits, and significantly grow their personal brands and online businesses for over 9 years.

An avid learner, a lifelong student of business and marketing, as well as an Author, Speaker, and a seasoned Marketing Strategist, Mr. Rahman has helped launch hundreds of successful projects such as apps, books, brands, ebooks, events, eCommerce stores, home study courses, membership sites, sales funnels, webinar presentations and websites.
Mr. Rahman started his career as a Computer Software & Hardware, Repair & Troubleshooting Specialist eventually transitioning as a Network Engineer working for an ISP over the course of 6 years.

Eventually, Mr. Rahman left the Information Technology world behind to manage his family's small retail store, where he fell in love with being a business owner and entrepreneur.

Right as a leading international grocery chain opened up a store just a mile from the family's small retail operation crushing it's revenue and profits, Mr. Rahman pivoted once more in his career in his career in search of "The Ideal Business."

This time he was able to secure an internship working for an up and coming Information & Internet Marketer where he was able to help generate over $1 Million in revenue with his first online project. Since then Mr. Rahman has been an integral part of helping build and launch tens of brands, companies, projects and generating over $6 Million in offline and online sales.

Mr. Rahman has worked with countless Internet Marketing Industry's most respected and successful gurus such as Dustin Mathews and Dave VanHoose of Speaking Empire, Daven Michaels of 123 Employee, John Souza of Social Media Marketing University, Mike Calhoun of BizBlueprint, Giancarlo Barraza of The Millionaire Mastermind, and Sam Bell of PPC Boutique. He has also personally collaborated and consulted with Russell Brunson, Rich Schefren, Kevin Harrington, Robert Allen.

Mr. Rahman was able to systematically achieve these results by leveraging timeless business best practices and applying his branding, copywriting, direct response marketing, and information technology expertise with a revenue and result focused perspective. Mr. Rahman currently resides in Las Vegas, NV.

Fabian Cordoba, Co-Founder and CMO behind eProfits Agency, is a leading Online Marketing, Ecommerce Business Development and Media Buying Strategist personally responsible for generating over $1.1 Million in sales and $300,000 in revenue in just March and April of 2017 with a less-than-12-month-old Shopify store.

Mr. Cordoba attained his Masters in Business Administration and Project Management where he was able to lead positions enabling him to manage and develop over 200 projects a year in North and South America. During this 4 year period of time, Mr. Cordoba played critical roles in successfully executing over 600 deals that generated an excess of $50 million in revenue for his employers.
In 2015 Mr. Cordoba experienced an epiphany which took him on a journey eventually enabling him to quietly watch every video, read every PDF, and consciously conditioning his online money making muscles.

This search led him to explore a variety of different business opportunities some of which didn't pan out and others which generated some promising results. After a year of quietly "sharpening the saw", Mr. Cordoba decided to fully commit himself to immersing himself in mastering every aspect of Online Retail and Ecommerce, specifically on the Facebook Advertising and the Shopify platforms.

Along that journey over the last two years Mr. Cordoba has not only "officially" cracked the code on achieving rapid results with his students and their brand new online properties, he's also been able to strategically scale Facebook Ads campaigns from $4,000 a day in revenue to $40,000 a day in just 4 days for his own Ecommerce store.

Mr. Cordoba has been architecting as well as implementing the day-to-day Facebook Ads Media Buying operations for his Ecommerce store to continually generate a positive return on investment on every single advertisement dollar.

Mr. Cordoba sincerely believes in teamwork where he embodies and lives the "80-20" rule or life. He's trained his virtual team to handle 80% of the Operational responsibility for his Ecommerce business which enables him to strategically focus on the 20% of Revenue-Generating activities that make a notable difference to the bottom line.

Mr. Cordoba is currently based out of San Jose, Costa Rica where he operates several very successful and profitable online properties and coaching programs helping his students achieve success, prosperity and freedom via Ecommerce.
Samuel Xiveiro, Co-Founder and COO behind eProfits Agency, is the Performance Marketing and Media Buying industry authority who personally generated over $1 Million in his first year and over $4 Million in revenue in just his first 3 years online.

Mr. Xiveiro's primary skill set is to plan, manage, and purposefully coordinate the strategy as well as execution for building and growing massively successful online brands, companies, and Ecommerce stores.

Originally trained as a Renewable Energy Engineer, Mr. Xiveiro has been able to continually channel the best practices from his professional training into consistently launching successful Paid Advertising campaigns as a veteran Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and Native Ads Media Buying Strategist.
Recently Mr. Xiveiro has played significant roles responsible for planning, marketing, selling, delivering, and supporting the launch of a variety of Online Marketing and Ecommerce coaching programs. He has utilized his expertise and knowledge to personally change and touch more than a 100 students lives' over the recent few years.

A self-taught expert in CPA Marketing, Site Monetization Strategies, Ecommerce, SMS Marketing and Internet Marketing Coaching, Mr. Xiveiro is also an international speaker having presented at many different Internet Marketing conferences and events from Orlando, Florida to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and beyond.

As a native resident of Noia, Spain, Mr. Xiveiro is an avid world traveler (having been to over 45 countries and counting so far) who proudly visited the 7 wonders of the world in 2016.

Mr. Xiveiro continues to inspire students all around the world to replace their formal education and corporate careers with an online business enabling them to travel the world and live the dream Laptop Lifestyle.
Meet The Team Members
We are marketing experts who launch, grow and scale high converting Ecommerce Brands to produce leads and sales for our business, our clients businesses and possibly we'll get the opportunity to help you with yours!

Beyond reaching your sales goals, we help generate leads with traffic from Facebook & Google (just to name a few). That traffic goes toward targeting your perfect audience and customers through the process of discovering you, your products, your services and your brand online.

We are the core team behind several 7 and 8 Figure brands. When you call in or request a quote or we connect on Live Chat you'll talk to one of us. When you have a strategy session, you'll have one of us because we know the ins and the outs of a successful Ecommerce business.

We've been doing this full time since 2001. Over $10 million has been generated through the sales and new business that we've generated for our clients and ourselves. Are you ready to finally build it right? Are you ready to finally be able to generate leads on demand whenever you want? Meet our core team...
May R.
Operations Manager
Faizan I.
Creative Director
Amira A.
Project Manager
Tanjim P.
Web Developer / Tech Specialist
Michelle S.
Support Specialist
Khristine O.
Fulfillment Specialist
Cris D.
Video Specialist
Phyllis J.
Edgar P.
Design Specialist
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At eProfits Agency™ we specialize in Online Direct Response Marketing.  While we believe that content marketing and Search Engine Optimization and very powerful marketing strategies, nothing beats Pay Per Click.

Once your landing pages and eCommerce Store are properly setup and optimized, Pay Per Click can send eager prospects and buyers at record speed.  It's literally like turning on the faucet and getting water instantly!

We have 10+ years of combined experience in Google Adwords®, Facebook® and Instagram® Ads and Bing Ads® where we have generated over $7 Million in sales and revenue!
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